The history of Smith & Eddy Insurance can be traced back to 1902 when in was known as the McPhail and Cole Agency.  In 1930, Mr. I. J. Eddy joined the agency as its manager.

In June of 1946 Major Robert J. Smith returned from duty in World War II and opened the Smith Insurance Agency.  He competed with the McPhain and Cole Agency until 1949 when it was mutually agreed to merge the two agencies.  Mr. Eddy and Mr. Smith co-managed the agency until 1952 when the Smith and Eddy Insurance Agency was established.

In 1957 Mr. Eddy announced his retirement.  Mr. Smith promised him that as long as he was alive, his name would “remain on the shingle” and a desk would be available for him.  Mr. Eddy passed away in 1978 at the age of ninety-six, however, his name still remains on the shingle.

In 2010 the winds of change and expansion took hold of the agency. The Snyder Insurance Agency merged with Smith & Eddy Insurance, Inc in November of 2010. Around the same time, Scottville Farm Bureau Insurance agent Joe Knowles joined in and another merger occurred in February 2011 with the Villadsen Agency. Which facilitated the need for our newest office location to be built at 201 S. Main street in Scottville. The additional experienced personnel and carriers are welcome assets to serving our clients.

Robert A. Smith had a vision of a bigger stronger Smith & Eddy Insurance and did see that come to fruition prior to his passing in October 2013. Because of that vision, the agency is stronger than ever with many long time agents in place, including President Scott Smith, Vice President Joseph Knowles, Robert Snyder, Al Villadsen, Ken Terryn, Dawn Green, Greg Bieniek and others. With Patty Smith carrying on the tradition that was put in place by Bob, the future is bright for our insurance family as we head into our 12th decade serving west Michigan!